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Factors to consider when choosing an end of life service
All living things have a definite life cycle, human beings inclusive. The lifecycle of humans has two important days, the birthday and the day when one dies. The time when on is to be born can be anticipated, however no one knows their time of death hence makes it had for one to anticipate their deaths. Despite the uncertainties surrounding the day one dies, people still try to plan for that day. One can prepare for death through choosing the ideal way they would like to be laid to rest. The way one wishes to be laid to rest after death us commonly referred to as end-of- life service. Burials and cremation are the common types of the above services. Types of burial include ground burials, eco and above -ground burials. There are two types of cremation services.Water based cremation and flame cremation are the two types of cremation. There are different factors that one needs to consider before choosing any end-of -life service and they are discussed below.

The first thing that one needs to consider is the financial implications of choosing one end-of -life service over the other.Every service has a different budget attached to it There are differences in price between water based cremation and ground burial.It is advisable for one to choose a service that is affordable.
Consider the effects a type of service will have on the environment.Different plans have different effects on the environment.For example, ground burials are known to overcrowd cemeteries while flame cremation releases toxic gases to the environment. Choose an end-of-life service that doesn’t pollute the environment.Water based cremation should be the first choice for someone intending to choose cremation over other types of end-of-life-services.

The other thing to consider is your own personal needs or desires.Preferences vary from person to person when it comes to end-of- life services.For example, one might be more interested in using the water based cremation, which is less costly and more environmental friendly as compared to the traditional burial which is more expensive.As such one should go for the end-of-life service that they are more interested in.One should also consider legal implications of each type of services.

Some services are more advantageous than others.Water based cremation is more advantageous than others.water based cremation mimics the natural decomposition of the body through the use of water and heat.As compared to other methods, water based cremation is better as it is less costly and more environmental friendly.

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